Don't Take it for Granted

If the last three months have taught me anything, I think that it’s that I shouldn’t take anything for granted. So many things have happened that few could have predicted, and even fewer expected. In many ways, and to a large extent, the status quo has been turned upside down, shaken out, and thrown into the wind, in some ways no doubt much for the better, although the course of that change has, no doubt, been tumultuous. Life as we knew it just a few short months ago is no longer life as we know it now. And will it be exactly the way it used to be ever again? Why should it be?

So with so many things having changed so much so fast, is there still an anchor left for the human soul? Is there anything that can be trusted and relied upon to be unchanging and impervious to upheaval? And if there is, how can we find it, recognize it, and let it lead us like a compass through these rapidly changing times and those that still remain?

Of course, the God Who sat on heaven’s throne on January 1, 2020 has still occupied that throne every second throughout the last six months, and still occupies that throne today. Nothing that has happened on this spinning terrestrial ball has surprised Him in the slightest, or caused Him to pace back and forth in heaven wringing His hands. He isn’t worried; He isn’t uncertain of the future; and He hasn’t lost one centimeter of ground in the epic, cosmic conflict with the enemy. The victory that His Son Jesus won on the Cross 2,000 years ago still stands, and still avails for us, through His sinless Blood that was shed for us once for all time. We do have an anchor for the soul, the same anchor that has held throughout the ages. And it will hold us evermore. Trust always in Him, step without hesitation forward in faith, seek Him with patience, hope, and earnest expectation, and be not afraid.
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