The Best Laid Plans

Can God inconvenience you? Do you have your day so planned out that if something unexpected comes up in the course of the day, you completely lose your composure and your patience? Can you be bothered? There is such a thing as a “holy interruption”. In the life of Jesus, there were many. Regardless of His plans and circumstances, He always seemed to eloquently demonstrate grace, flexibility, adaptability, and openness to the will and the Spirit of God to redirect Him to the ministry opportunity that presented itself to Him at any particular moment. Maybe we could think of it this way: even though Jesus had a well-defined Divine purpose, mission, and calling, He didn’t have an agenda. He was constantly and completely yielded to the perfect will of God.

When you live without an agenda, you don’t get upset, angry, or disappointed if your plans go awry or God “throws you a curveball”. You just “roll with it,” and see where God takes you and how He wants to use you. Life takes on the aspect of an ongoing adventure. Instead of being ruled by your “to do” list, you are free to be led by the Spirit of God as you go throughout your day and week. Not that you don’t make any plans, or wander aimlessly or drift along life’s stream without a rudder, but you allow God to have the right of course correction with regard to your daily walk with Him, and with respect and regard to your interactions with other people, your “neighbor”.

The current coronavirus crisis and associated lockdown and shelter-in-place order may have caused many of us as Christians in America to take a step back and reconsider the hyper-structuring, excessive planning, and extreme busy-ness of our lives, and allow the Lord to create a space to breathe, act, and intervene in our daily affairs. We may find that order, i.e., Divine order, and a truly- and well-ordered life, come not so much as a result of our following a meticulously scheduled routine, but from a sense of calm and a more relaxed lifestyle that allows more time for personal time with God in prayer and in His Word; in fellowship with family, friends, and loved ones (even if much of that must take place, out of necessity for the time being, “virtually”); and in doing and enjoying things that make us better, more well-rounded, and “whole” persons (comprised of spirits, souls, and bodies, all of which God has wisely, miraculously, and marvelously created). Maybe this strange, new, and sometimes seemingly inconvenient and limited lifestyle is closer, at least in some important aspects, to what God may have had in mind for us all along.
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