If I Have Not Love

If I have not love, I am nothing at all,
Though my storehouse of knowledge be bursting through the walls.
If I possess every gift, yet love I lack,
I might as well give all of those gifts back.

If I can read your mail and your future see,
Without love it’s all still a mystery.
If a world of wisdom I hold in my hand,
If I have not love, I’m a foolish man.

Love is patient, love is kind.
It leaves everything else far behind.
Love is the greatest; love is the best.
Love is all you need to pass the test.

What is life if it’s lived without love?
It won’t count for anything in the world above.
God, grant me the grace to pursue love more than all,
Don’t let me fail, and don’t let me fall
Short of the vision you have for my life:
To love my neighbor, my kids, my wife,
To hold the goal of love foremost in mind,
To let the love of Jesus shine,
To follow in His footsteps,
To walk in His ways,
To live to His glory the rest of my days.
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