The Cure for Sin

Everyone has been infected, spiritually speaking, with a virus called sin. No amount of hand washing or social distancing can protect one from it, because we were all born with it coursing through our spiritual veins.

And there’s only one medicine that can rid us of it and its deadly effects. It’s a therapeutic and a vaccine all in one. It’s called the Blood of Jesus.

Over the millennia, people have tried all kinds of other treatments and tonics to cure themselves of this virus, but all have fallen short and failed.

Without the Blood of Jesus, the disease caused by this virus is terminal and fatal, 100% of the time. But once the Blood of Jesus is applied, the cure rate is 100%.

There’s more good news: the cure is free, and freely available. The Great Physician of the human soul paid the entire price of the treatment Himself, and ensured that there is an unlimited supply, and will be until the end of time.

Those who receive this cure are told by the Great Physician to go and make it known to as many people still dying of the virus as possible that this cure exists, and that all that they have to do is believe that it will cure them and go to the Great Physician and ask for it. There’s enough for everybody.

And it only takes one drop of this miracle medicine to make the difference between life and death, for all eternity.
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