The Principle of Impartation

Jesus didn’t have 100 close disciples; He had twelve. He didn’t just tell them things; He lived His  entire life in front of them. He impacted them and their lives as much by His actions and lifestyle as by His words, or maybe even more so. He “did life with them,” as we like to say in our modern vernacular or parlance. What we are imparting to those whom we are discipling is “caught” as much as it is “taught”. Others are watching us and our lives and our actions; what are we imparting to them? The essence of the principle of impartation is this: Reproducing in others what, by God’s grace, we have sought to cultivate and develop within ourselves.

That’s why integrity is so important, and continually seeking to perfect our walk of obedience with the Lord and correct any defects within our character, because we don’t want to reproduce our negative traits or faults in others, and even one fall or failure in morality or consistency of obedience can cause those whom we want to influence and who we want to emulate us to turn away from following us as a teacher or example. Influence upon the lives of others is a precious gift and privilege; we must take great care not to squander or abuse it, trivialize it, take it for granted, or lose it through foolish behavior or vain or offensive words.

The level of impact that one person can have in the life of another is much greater through impartation than through teaching or demonstration alone. When we impart to others, we are not merely giving them knowledge or information; we are actually pouring ourselves into them. Think back through the story of your own life, and no doubt you will be able to think of at least one person who has poured his or her life into yours, who has imparted to you something you consider to be of such worth, value, or substance that you consider it a part of yourself and your identity. Now think of someone upon whom you have had, and/or would still like to have, that same quality and level of influence. It’s not too late; you can still impart something of great value to someone else, something that will be a great blessing to them, and which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. If you don’t know who it is, or who they are, ask the Lord to show you. And begin to seek Him for what and how you can impart to them what it is that the Lord has placed within you to impart. This is an important part of your spiritual legacy, destiny, and calling. Indeed, it is a very precious thing.
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