Not a Year for Fear

2020 — not a year for fear,
But a year for vision, and that most clear!
Not a year for dread, but a year for hope!
Not a year for aimlessness, but for sharpening one’s scope.
Not a year for foundering, or for flailing around,
But a year for mind, soul, and body to be sound.
Not a year for failure, nor for regressing backwards at all,
But a year for traction, forward momentum, answering His call.
What the devil meant for evil
God will turn around for good
In the life of each believer
Who trusts wholly in His God.
Are you ready, are you willing?
Will you follow in His way?
Will you put your past behind you,
Seize the newness of the day?
His Return is drawing nearer
With each passing day and night.
Will you retreat into the darkness,
Or advance into the light?
Are you eager for His coming?
Are you hopeful and awake?
Will you help advance His Kingdom,
For our dear Lord Jesus’ sake?
Who’s your Master, who’s your Lord,
Who’s the One of your delight?
Will you walk out in His dawning,
Or fall back into the night?
Will you make the right decision?
Will you make the better choice?
Will you follow your own selfish, stubborn will,
Or the calling of His voice?
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