The King, the Warrior, the Lover, and the Friend

Sometimes it can be challenging to navigate back and forth between these roles. One time, many years ago, one of my bosses told me that what people really need is oscillating skin.

Oscillating skin gets thick when you need it to be thick and gets thin when you need it to get thin again, my former boss explained. When a supervisor has to fire someone, or when an employee has not met the performance standards of the job, he needs his skin to oscillate to thick so that he can get through the experiencing of firing someone or getting fired without taking it too personally or getting one’s feelings hurt.

But when someone goes home from work and talks to his kids or wife about their day at school or at work or at home or their hobbies or their new friend or their relationship with God, they need their skin to oscillate back to thin so that they can have the necessary sensitivity and tenderness to successfully and lovingly conduct that intimate conversation and nurture that familial relationship.

Well, while we do not have oscillating skin, we do have Someone even better: the Holy Spirit, Who teaches us all things, and Who helps us to conduct ourselves as needed in every situation in our lives. Whether it’s time to be the King, the Warrior, the Lover, or the Friend, the Holy Spirit will show us which of the four faces of a man each situation and relationship requires, so that the outcome is always blessing for every party involved. Victory depends not on such a superficial thing as our skin, but on the One Who lives within our hearts, Who witnesses with our human spirits, and Who guides and directs our paths to keep them in His everlasting way.
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